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Hotel Signage - Do You Notice It?

Lani Van Eik | April 24, 2012

There are some things in life that we just take for granted.  For instance when we walk into a hotel we expect to have certain things available to us and information at our finger tips.  It all starts when we walk through the front door and approach the front desk. There is usually a sign welcoming you and a front desk agent anxiously waiting to check you in.

When you are standing waiting for the elevator there is usually a fire escape plan on the wall that you can’t help but read.

Once in your room the first thing you do is walk into the bathroom where you will see a sign about how you can help conserve by reusing your towels and not changing your bed sheets if you are staying more than one evening.  When you walk back out into the room you grab the TV remote and look at the sign that tells you how to use it and when you jump down onto the bed with the remote and look at the night stand you will probably see a no smoking sign or a smoking sign for that matter.

So within 5 minutes of walking into the hotel you have taken in lots of information and you didn’t even realize it.  You take for granted that all this information will be available to you and it is because at Ketchum Manufacturing we make all these signs to help keep you informed.

Ketchum Manufacturing has been in the identification business for close to 100 years and in that time we have manufactured signs for almost every business sector you can think of.  One of those sectors is the hotel business!  There is a good chance that when you walk into a hotel and are reading the signs that Ketchum Manufacturing made those signs.  In-room signage, emergency signage, no smoking or smoking signs, restaurant signs, door hangers and any other signs you can think of!

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