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Hotel In-Room Signage

Lani Van Eik | October 19, 2011

At Ketchum we understand that your in-room hotel / motel signage is vital for your success. That’s why Ketchum Manufacturing will always take an extra step to ensure that every in-room sign order is just right for your hotel or motel. Custom signs is our specialty, so you can rest assured your facilities will be well presented by displaying your logo as well as delivering your special message to your guests in the most efficient way.

In the hospitality industry the most valuable customers are the ones that keep returning to your hotel. Our professional custom printed hotel signage will help you make their visit an exciting and easy experience from the moment they enter to the time of check-out.

How can in-room hotel signage benefit your hotel business?

1) By providing your first-time as well as repeat visitors with the vital information about your services.

  • Put your guests’ minds at ease by informing them that in case they left some important personal care items at home, they can easily obtain them in your gift shop or at the front desk.
  • Ensure everybody’s safety with our Fire Escape signs which provide your visitors with easy-to-follow important escape plan and vital information in case of an emergency.
  • Invite your first-time visitors to stay at your hotel again by posting incentives like discount rates for return customers in your rooms.

2) By cutting down your costs substantially with some simple and cost-effective in-room signage.

  • Saving up your employees time on answering repetitive questions of your guests about your services.
  • Conservation in-room signage (tent cards, door or towel rack hangers, easel signs) will make your guest aware of the importance to preserve nature’s precious resources. This simple solution can significantly reduce the waste of water, electricity as well as laundry detergents at your facility.
  • Display tempting menus for your hotel bar or restaurant for your guests to enjoy during their stay.

Ketchum Manufacturing is the industry leader in hotel in-room signage. Our particular attention to details will ensure the complete success of your customized in-room signage projects.

To order your personalized in-room signage contact Ketchum Manufacturing at 613-342-8455 or e-mail to ketchum@ketchum.ca today!


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