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Heavy Duty Nylon Tree Tags

Perry Swank | January 15, 2019

Heavy duty nylon tree tags by Ketchum Mfg. are highly recommended for marking trees and plants because of their exceptional durability and visibility. Made of thick nylon material, these tree tags can withstand any weather conditions for long periods of time without colour fading or loss of information engraved on these tags.

Ketchum’s pear shaped heavy-duty nylon tree tags can be screen printed in a variety of colours and can have your custom logo as well as information engraved and/or screen printed on both sides. Consecutive numbering is also available.

There are many advantages in using our heavy duty nylon tree tags:

  • Because of bright colours, these tree tags will remain highly visible from a distance.
  • They are very easy to attach to trees and plants.
  • Nylon tree tags are very durable. You won’t have to re-tag your trees every few years.
  • Withstand harsh environment: cold, heat, humidity, prolonged exposure to sun rays etc.
  • Do not crack or break over time.

These tags measure 3-1/2″ high x 2-1/4″ wide. They have a 1″ hole and are 3-1/16″ thick. Colours available: orange, purple, green, black, blue, red, yellow, pink, white, brown.

Use our nylon tree tags in your nurseries, botanical gardens, farms, national parks, hiking trails, eco estates, golf estates, orchards. Our nylon tree tags also work well for wineries to mark rows as they are very easy to read from a distance. Most customers purchase two sets to mark the top and bottom of each row.

Ketchum’s heavy duty nylon tree tags that are strong and reliable tags you can count on for maximum performance.

To place your order for custom heavy-duty nylon tree tags call Ketchum Mfg. 613-342-8455 or E-mail ketchum@ketchum.ca


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