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Goat Traceability

Kevin Donovan | February 14, 2013 | The Test News

Animal identification and traceability have been key words in Canadian agriculture for over a decade. During this time a nationally recognized traceability program has been standardized for the cattle, bison and sheep industries. Traceability of any animal is vital during all processes of the food chain, starting from the farm and continuing on until the food is on the plate. Traceability can protect an animal from the outbreak of a disease spreading from one farm to another, or country wide, by quickly identifying where an infected animal came from and quarantine it from transport to other farms. 

The Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF) currently has a volunteer identification and traceability program in place to greatly reduce the risk of an outbreak of disease. The CNGF and Ketchum Manufacturing Incorporated have worked closely to bring you a program that will identify your goats in a standardized method. Each tag we offer has a unique 15 digit number that is recorded in our database to ensure accurate animal identification and traceability. Ketchum has three main ways of tagging your animal:

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  1. The Reytag, a small dangle style tag that is cost effective and has high retention rates. The Reytags can be used in both the ears as well as the tail web for accurate and easy identification of your animals.
  2. The Reyflex panel tag, a larger plastic ear tag that has high readability, easy application and high retention rates. 
  3. The Reflex RFID button, a radio frequency button that transmits the individual animal’s i.d. when used with an RFID reader. These buttons are small, lightweight and have exceeded requirements for retention rates.

tags1A combination of the RFID tags and the Reyflex panel tag is available to ensure animal identification and traceability should the goat lose a tag. 

Ketchum is proud to be part of the CNGF program and we strive to make the customer happy with great products and fast delivery times, with most items shipped within 48 business hours.

To contact us call 613-342-8455 or email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

To order your CNGF tags today in French or English simply click on one of the links below: 

English Version

French Version

CLICK HERE to visit the Canadian National Goat Federation.

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