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General Neck Tag

Kevin Donovan | September 5, 2013

When people see the Ketchum heavy duty nylon tags, the first impression may be of a movie they have seen where a cow is grazing in a pasture with the identification tag hanging from its neck. What started as a cattle neck tag has transformed itself over the years to spread into several industries and has identified hundreds of different products.  The nearly indestructible heavy duty nylon identification tag with a pear shape format, makes this the most versatile identification tag you will ever use.  This multipurpose nylon tag has been used to identify items such as trees, scuba tanks, animal cages, fishing nets, coat checks, steam traps, and many more. 


The large size tag with several colour options available, easily allows you to colour co-ordinate, organize and identify your products from a distance. Engraving and/or screen printing these nylon tags allows you to customize your tag to meet your industry and product needs.  Some of the reasons why people choose these tags are because they are: durable, bright coloured, water resistant, fade resistant and nearly unbreakable.


Below are some samples of tags that Ketchum have created for customers:

Scuba Tag

-identify your business



Cage Tag




Neck Tag

-standard tag



Coat Check Tag

-screen printed option



Net Tag

-company recognition



Steam Trap Tag

-warning tag



Team Gym Bag Tag

-Twitter/ Facebook support



The possibilities are nearly endless for this versatile nylon tag.  If you have a product that needs to be identified, Ketchum has the tag for you.

For more information on nylon tags email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca or call 613-342-8455.

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