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Environment Enrichment Cocoon

Jason Baker | September 14, 2012

Living in Canada we grow accustomed to how big an influence the United States is in our lives. A large percentage of our entertainment is based on product being delivered to us from US sources. US based sports leagues, movies, and television is typically more US influenced than anywhere else. Or are they? My wife is from England and when I first began visiting the UK and was exposed to their entertainment I was surprised that some of the shows we watched in Canada actually originated or at least had European versions long before our American neighbors went to air with them. The sitcom The Office is one well known example. But there are many like Big Brother, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Whose Line is it Anyway, just to name a few. Our sports channels currently are overwhelmed with coverage of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament taking place in Poland and the Ukraine.

It’s not just the entertainment world we are influenced by from Europe either. Of course in Canada our entire government structure is based on the UK Parliamentary system. Check in our fridges and I am sure you will see many types of European styled foods. When is the last time you ordered out for “Canadian Food”?

Car styles often develop in Europe and of course so do many of the fashion trends. So it is no surprise that the influence from Europe can filter down to other forms of products we encounter. Take for example Enrichment products used to enrich and enhance the lives of research animals. Ketchum Manufacturing based in Canada has partnered with a European company who has developed a cylinder shaped product of woven cotton. These cylinders known as “Cocoon”, when placed in cages housing mice are a fantastic source of environment enrichment as the mice can carry the cylinder around their cage and decide where to place it. The Cocoon cylinder is then shredded and manipulated to create a nest. This behavior is very similar to how mice interact in the wild. The Cocoon cylinder is made of very short fibers which reduces the risk of limbs getting tangled. As a dust free product it can also be used with hairless mice. Mice will make use of their environment to create a safe nesting place but in the wild they like many animals prefer to create the nest themselves.


This enrichment product is incredibly popular in Europe and has steadily caught on in North America as well. Europeans have influenced the lives of North Americans for generations. Cocoon is a very effective tool environmental enrichment tool which also acts as a product to encourage nesting. It is comparably priced to other products on the market and is available in both Europe and North America.

Our continent was discovered by European explorers and first inhabited by Europeans. So why should it be a surprise that our research mice continue to be influenced by Europeans now?      


Click here to see Refuge in use.  After viewing the video if you would like to try a free sample of Cocoon you can request a sample and further information including our technical data sheets for Cocoon.

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