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Claude Lalonde | June 28, 2012

What can an ElastiTag do for you?

It can launch a product line, tell your unique story or fish history and/or background, enhance brand identity, support a worthy cause or charity, it can give cooking instructions and recipes or tips, it can speak in many languages for different cultures, it can kick off a promotion or sale, it can brag about an award or proclaim excellence in your product and/or company, can display testimonials from other people, it can advertise a special offer, it can thank customers for purchasing their quality fish or it can provide a coupon for future purchases.

ElastiTags are one of the most convenient and effective ways to identify your seafood products. Numerous sizes of ElastiTags and elastomer shapes are available from Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. Our ElastiTags can be printed on materials than can be boiled with product.

Ketchum offers a variety of great options for Lobster Identification that will meet your needs for a fast and effective lobster tagging program.

Ketchum Manufacturing produces high quality identification tags for Atl

antic and Spiny Lobsters. All Ketchum's lobster ID tags are produced from food contact approved plastic.

All Ketchum ElastiTags "Grips" products & stays put and doesn't fall off during shipping. The uses are endless for these revolutionary new tagging options. Use them for brand identity, product identification, point of purchase coupons, inventory management, country of origin, eco brand certification, direct marketing promotions, cross merchandising, recipes or UPC code labeling.

Some feature and options for using this type of tag are:

• Variety of Elastomer loop sizes and colours to fit any shape & size

 • Multiple-Panel Tags which offer additional print area

• Writeable coatings (elastinote)

• UV-resistant Elastomer

• Light resistant

• Perforations available for

• Variable data printing

• Adhesive-backed tags

• Photo luminescence

Spooled tags are available for automation of your lobster identification process. Tags can run through a thermal transfer printer to add variable data such as: data codes, bar codes, prices, or sequential numbering. Tags are perforated side to side for easy tearability. Ideal for bundling and tracking purposes. ElastiTag® products can be printed on the front or back panel to optimize print needs.

So contact Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or email ketchum@ketchum.ca today and get solutions to your seafood needs from our knowledgeable and helpful staff.


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