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Claude Lalonde | June 27, 2012


Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. produces food grade plastic band tags which are great for shell fish, whole fish and awkward shaped products. This innovative product works great for both bundling and labeling. Ideal for large diameter products that are normally difficult to tag or label.

Ketchum Manufacturing's band tags can be pre-attached to an elastic bank that can be easily put over a lobster claw for fast and easy lobster identification.

Ketchum's product development and creative teams can work with you on the correct size and design that meet your specific bundling/labeling needs.

Several methods of attaching a band claw tag to an elastic band are available depending on a specific tag shape and design.

Ketchum's lobster identification tags can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as product identification and quality, brand identity, country of origin labeling, eco brand certification direct marketing promotion and traceability.

Available in lengths of up to 12-1/2" long (317.5 mm), available in widths starting at 1/2" and wider (12.7 mm). They can be printed in up to 6 spot color or 4-color process. They are packaged in spools with perforations between the bands. The elastomer part of our ElastiBand stretches to fit around your products. Tags can also be consecutively or lot numbered.

Contact Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or email ketchum@ketchum.ca and let our knowledgeable Seafood Sales Representative help you with all your ElastiBand needs.

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