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Ear Tattoo

Kevin Donovan | December 19, 2013

For over 60 years Ketchum Mfg Inc. has been the world leader in animal tattoo identification.  Our tattoo pliers are the highest quality products on the market and the tattoo inks and pastes will leave a permanent mark that is easily read throughout the life of the animal.  All tattoo pliers have a lever lock design for fast and easy character changes.  No more fumbling around with spacers and thumb screws.  Each character can be changed individually with no spacers required.  The specially designed pliers only allow the characters to go in one way to prevent upside down and sideways characters and tattoos.  A plastic backing pad prevents the needles of the characters from being damaged when they hit the back part of the plier.  All of the Ketchum tattoo pliers have a heavy duty spring for easy and efficient return after crimping.


Model 50D plier is the smallest tattooer Ketchum has to offer.  The 3/16” characters are designed to tattoo dogs, rabbits, and baby pigs from birth to 3 days old.  The 50D plier has 4 options: single row of 7 or 8 characters and double rows of 7 or 8 characters.


Model 101 plier will leave a tattoo that is 1/4” in size and is ideal for pigs from 4 to 21 days old.  The 101 is available in two options single row of 7 characters and a double row of 7 characters.


Model 201B is the choice for tattooing cattle the large 5/16” tattoo characters with a chisel point tip will leave a mark that gives the illusion of a continuous tattoo.  The 201B will hold up to 6 characters.

201A is a double row plier that will hold 4 characters in each row for a total of 8 characters.

201R has a revolving head that is ideal for tattooing both a management number and a birth year or premise i.d.  The one side can have the stationary characters while the other will have your management numbers.


Model 400 plier is the largest of the Ketchum line up, the extra large 9/16” characters with a chisel point tip will leave a large tattoo and is ideal for tattooing adult cattle.


When combined with Ketchum permanent inks and pastes the Ketchum tattoo pliers will leave the best tattoo that is available on the market today.  The tattoos will not fade or wear when applied properly.  For more information please contact us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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