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Ear Tags - Animal Identification

Kevin Dalrymple | October 19, 2011 | Kevi

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. produces a wide range of management ear tags. Ketchum produces metal ear tags, the Kurl-Lock #2 for cattle and the Kurl-Lock #3 for sheep and goats. these metal ear tags can have farm names, phone numbers, brands and individual numbers put on the tags. Ketchum also produces small baby lamb ear tags that can be customized to meet the management needs of the individual producer.

Ketchum offers a unique range of plastic ear tags that can be customized for a variety of management needs. Ketchum Reytags are an ideal management ear tag for sheep, goats, pigs or calves. The Reytags are available in 6 colors and can be custom printed and are an ideal export tag, sorting tag or general management ear tag. The Reytags rotate freely and are recognized for their high retention rates. Ketchum uses dark ink jet printing to ensure the ear tags are easy to read.

Ketchum also offers a complete range or traditional management ear tags for all livestock species. The highly flexible, ITW Reyflex ear tags are recognized for their retention rates. The ITW Reyflex management ear tags are available in unique pastel colors that provide a high contrast background that makes the custom jet printing highly legible.

The ITW Reyflex ear tags are available in a range of sizes and all the female tags can be substituted to meet the management requirements. The variety of sizes can be found on Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. website. Ketchum can print the ITW Reyflex tags quickly to meet your needs.

Ketchum also produces neck tags in red, blue, black, green or purple. Ketchum can deeply engrave numbers and letters to offer a highly legible management tag. The durable neck tags have been used in the cattle, sheep, goat and alpaca industry for decades.

For further information on all Ketchum management ear tags, please call Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or e-mail to ketchum@ketchum.ca


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