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Door Hanger - Hotel Signage

Lani Van Eik | November 22, 2011

Door hangers, especially in hotels, are items regularly used and very well noticed. With noticeable prints, taking advantage to further promote your hotel with this material’s features can be done by inputting different promotional strategies into the door hanger designs. You can achieve this effect by using unique designs and / or inviting hotel photos with special offers or free services. Remember to include your hotel’s name and contact information.

There are hundreds of ways you can think of when promoting features of hotels; with different activities, amenities and products surrounding the vicinity. Building a different kind of atmosphere within the hotel’s premises with professional looking custom design cards, signs and door hangers can be a nice way to be remembered by travelers.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. plastic door hangers are perfect communications to inform, announce, request, declare or warn. They are made from .015 or .020 thick durable plastic. We can screen print your logo and information on a number of different styles of door hangers and we can customize them to your specific needs.

Our custom door hangers are a great way to advertise in-room promotions, room service, breakfast menus, free services such as a continental breakfast and promote water conservation. You can choose from Do Not Disturb, Have Room Made Up and Conservation Signs that are customized with whatever you choose to have printed on them or you can go with standard signs from our catalogue.

We offer custom door hanger printing to meet your specific hotel door hanger needs. let us print, design and / or change the colour for your specific property.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. is your one stop for durable, professional custom printed door hangers. For more information or to place your order today call 613-342-8455 or email ketchum@ketchum.ca


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