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Dog Tattoo

Marie Scrivener | December 6, 2011

Tattooing is one of several methods of identification available for dogs.  Tattooing is a permanent, cost effective and visible means of identification and one that is often required by pure bred associations, kennel club's and various shows.

When tattooing a dog there are two areas of choice as to where to place the tattoo.  Dog tattoos are either placed in the ear, or on the belly/inner thigh area.  When tattooing your dog the colour of ink used needs to be considered.  Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. offers 3 different colours of tattoo ink: black, green and white.  Green tattoo ink is generally recommended as it will remain visible in both light and dark skinned animals.  However, for those dark pigmented dog breeds, white tattoo ink is recommended as it will offer the best contrast.

For tattooing dogs, Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. recommends the model 50D tattoo pliers.  These pliers offer a 3/16" character size, and the tattooing plier itself is small enough to fit into the ears of most dog breeds.  The same pliers could also be used to tattoo the belly/inner thigh area of the dog.  A model 101 tattoo plier is slightly larger than the model 50D plier, but it could be used for larger dog breeds.  The model 101 plier offer a 1/4" character size.  For recommended tattoo instructions please visit the following link.  http://www.ketchum.ca/livestock/directions.html

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. has been servicing the livestock and pet identification sectors since 1913.  We offer a variety of products and solutions.  Should you have any questions regarding tattooing your dog contact us or your breed association.  We can be reached at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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