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Dalton Tag

Kevin Donovan | March 20, 2013

Animal identification is an important part of farming from the small farms of 10 or fewer animals right through to the large farms with 1000+ animals.  Here at Ketchum Manufacturing we specialize in identification products, and ear tags are just one of the many items we carry.  Animal identification is important not only for food chain safety but also for the owners to properly recognize which animal is which and to keep track of who’s offspring belongs to whom.  Management tags are perfect for properly identifying either individual animals or a group of animals by ear tag numbers or ear tag colours. 

Dalton tags are now available at Ketchum.  For over 60 years Dalton has brought you reliable, effective, low loss tags and was the first company to use and patent plastic ear tags for animals.  Proven in several applications these tags have high retention rates and great customer satisfaction.  Dalton provides tags for every species from livestock to wildlife.  They are available in two formats; a blank format so you can write your own information on them.  When combined with the All-Weather tag marker these ear tags are highly visible and easy to read.  The second format is to custom order your tags with any combination of the following; letters, numbers, symbols or barcodes.  Printing is done in the Ketchum factory which allows for extremely fast delivery times of your custom tag orders. 

Dalton Supertag

The Supertag is available in three sizes: maxi, large and hog to suit your every need.  The Supertag has a solid male stem that reduces the risk of breaking and tag loss.  The tagger is a pinless applicator that helps minimize torn ears when the tags are being applied.  The soft plastic material will not curl in the heat or become brittle in the cold. The Supertag is specially designed with a collar around the hole to be placed against the ear of the animal.  This collar allows for easier movement and rotation of the tag in the ear should the tag hit another object like brush or a fence.  Ketchum printing and All-weather tag marker is highly visible on all colours available.  Tags come in the colours; yellow, white, blue and pink.


RT-3620-162       RT-36030-162     RT-3640-162                    RT-9620-162


Dalton Rototag

Dalton brings you the Rototag, an excellent choice for swine, sheep and goats.  These tags have high retention rates and are difficult for other animals to chew on.  The Rototags are ideal for pigs because they are approved in Canada for exporting your hogs to the United States.  The Rototags are great for sheep, goats and other smaller livestock because they are small, easy to apply and have a dangle panel on both front and back for easier reading of numbers or names.  This cost effective tag is ideal for those who want a plastic i.d. tag and don’t want to spend a lot of money.  These tags can be used as a temporary i.d. application for calves and other ruminants because they are small, highly visible and cheaply priced.  Custom printing can easily be done on these dangle tags providing you with your farm i.d. and management i.d.  The small light weight tags are easy to apply yet have outstanding readability and retention rates.  The rototags can be purchased in a blank format or can be custom printed in the Ketchum factory.  These tags come in the colours; yellow, green, white, blue, orange and pink.



Dalton Suretag

The Suretags are a tamperproof plastic tag, ensuring that they cannot be reused.  Tamperproof tags are great for herd management and traceability programs. These tags are not only good for livestock but they are excellent for deer, moose, elk, bear and other species of wildlife.  The Suretags have a panel that is large enough to read any information you put on it yet small enough to fit nicely in to the body of the ear to reduce catching or snagging on any objects.  The male stems of the Suretags are a one piece plastic to create a secure and permanent lock with the female panel tag. The lack of a metal and plastic combination prevents expansion and contraction of two materials during temperature changes that lead the metal tip separating from the plastic and ultimately tag loss.  The suretags can be purchased in a blank format or can be custom printed in the Ketchum factory. These tags are available in yellow, white, blue and pink.                 



For more information or to place an order please contact us at 613-342-8455 or email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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