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CCIA ITW Reyflex RFID Ear Tags

Kevin Dalrymple | December 21, 2011

CCIA ITW Reyflex Ketchum RFID tags have exceeded performance standards put out by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.  The Ketchum CCIA tags have been part of the CCIA program now for over 10 years.  They have a number of unique features that allow them to perform extremely well in the Canadian environment.

As outlined in CCIA standards, all CCIA approved tags must demonstrate exceptional retention rates.  The Ketchum CCIA RFID tag is a complete plastic unit with a triple lock feature to ensure high retention rates.

The angle on the male stem of the Ketchum CCIA tag is designed to easily pierce the animal's ear and thus allow easy application of the tag.  The female portion of the Ketchum CCIA tag is very light and has the chip installed to provide optimum orientation and read ranges when it is in the animal's ear.

CCIA ITW Reyflex Ketchum tags are individually packed and therefore ideal for uploading age verification program information.

The Ketchum CCIA ear tag uses FDX technology and has shown excellent read ranges both in CCIA and independent trials.

CCIA ITW Reyflex Ketchum RFID tags are available through most feed and farm supply stores across Canada.  The sale of each CCIA ITW Reyflex Ketchum RFID tag results in a portion of the sale going back to the provincial 4-H program from which the Ketchum CCIA tag were purchased.  To date sales of Ketchum CCIA tags has resulted in over $58,000 going back to the 4-H programs in Canada. 

Order your ITW Reyflex ketchum CCIA tags today at 613-342-8455 or E-mail ketchum@ketchum.ca


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