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Carcass Tags

Kevin Donovan | December 23, 2011

Carcass identification is an important aspect of food traceability.  A carcass tag can be used on a carcass to convey and supply information about that particular carcass.  The carcass tags that are available at Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. are in several different shapes and sizes.  Produced from .015 PVC plastic.  Blank or custom printed with carcass grades, company brand/logo or consecutive numbers etc.

Available in a variety of colours.  Carcass tags can be as simple as a colour coded system for identifying different species or lots, or can be customized to indicate a specific message regarding a certain carcass.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. supplies carcass tags to meet different plant requirements.  We can custom print your tags with any required information.  Whether they carcass tag is required for Government compliance or traceability or simply for in house traceability; the possibilities are almost endless!  We can print everything from bar codes to a specific message or text with our screen and inkjet printing capabilities.  If needed, tags can also be sequentially numbered or bar coded to offer greater traceability and individual carcass identification.

At Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. we have a number of solutions available regarding carcass tags and other identification components, and many of them can be customized.  Contact us and let our expert staff help you with your carcass tag needs.

For more details and information on any of our carcass tags or to place an order, please contact Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or email ketchum@ketchum.ca


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