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Carcass Brads

Kevin Donovan | December 27, 2011

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. has been and continues to be a leader in providing identification products and accessories to the slaughter and meat packing sectors.  Carcass fasteners are one item which solves the issue of fastening or attaching carcass identification tags to a carcass.  The food grade quality of carcass fasteners is of the utmost importance.  Approved food grade fasteners have been analyzed and evaluated to meet food grade regulatory requirements.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. manufactures blue plastic Carcass Brads which are for attaching information tickets to meat carcasses.  The plastic carcass brads or fasteners are made of a food grade approved plastic material and coloured blue for easy visibility.  Plastic carcass brads are 1.75" long with a flat head measuring 0.5" by 0.75" which gives the brad a large surface area to more easily push it into the carcass.  The carcass brads are commonly used in the red meat sector however, some applications have been found in the poultry and fish industry.

Another item that Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. offers are Deadlock Tag Fasteners which can be used to attach tickets and other carcass tags to carcasses.  The deadlock fastener is made of 16 gauge tinned steel wire and will securely fasten tickets to carcasses.  Deadlock fasteners are used for tagging meat products such as beef, mutton and veal.

Tagging gun fasteners are also available which are a food grade product approved by CFIA and USDA.  Tagging gun fasteners are available in several lengths and colours.  Tagging gun fasteners can be used in most slaughter and processing facilities dealing with red meat, poultry, and seafood.  Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. also carries carcass tagging guns, these guns provide a fast and easy method to attach a carcass tag to a carcass.

For more details and information please contact us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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