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Calving Class 101

Robb Irvine | January 30, 2018

Calving Season here at Ketchum is not taken lightly. It’s a special time of year where the opportunities to grow the herd, possibly make some money and show the rest of the community you have the right stuff all come together. Success is usually measured by the number of hooves on the ground where indicators quickly change to pounds per day, show day ribbons and dollars per pound shipped.

All new Calf Toter – available spring 2018.                  Buckle allows calf to be “cinched” in place.                  Height is adjustable for side-by-side or pickup use.

At Ketchum, we feel we can give you the right tools to get the job done. One of those tools is the Ketchum Calf Toter. Manufactured right here in North America it is designed for calving where things don’t go exactly as planned. I am sure we have all been there! Have you ever had to carry a calf through 6 inches of crusted snow across 5 acres while trying to entice mother cow to follow? This usually happens when things go wrong, or the calf won’t nurse, or twins are in the works. Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. has a solution that we have appropriately named, “The Calf Toter”. Solid steel construction with straps to support the calf. The calf can be cinched in place with a comfortable nylon strap. Mother cow will be able to see and smell the calf during the entire trip to the barn. It is fully functional and works with either your side-by-side or your pick-up truck. A cost-effective solution that will pay for itself on the first calf saved.


The rest of the line up includes: the calf puller kit, bottle and calf nipple, various tagging options and finally the elastrator application. Ketchum gives you the tools to get the job done. More hooves on the ground and ready for summer grazing.


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