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Animal Control with the Ketch-All Pole!
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Animal Control with the Ketch-All Pole!

Marie Scrivener | March 21, 2012

Have you ever had to either restrain a dog or try to capture one?  Well, let me tell you this task can be very difficult when dealing with an unknown animal.  You must be aware of the distance between yourself and the animal and during a tense situation this can be difficult to keep track of.  That is why at Ketchum Manufacturing we recommend using the Ketch-All Pole.  The Ketch-All Pole is a quality device designed for the humane handling and control of wild or domestic animals.  Not only does it keep the animals safe - but it keeps you safe too!

The pole snares and restrains quickly while affording maximum protection to the handler.  The pole is widely used on dogs by Humane Societies, Animal Control Officers, Animal Shelters, Vets and the Police Department.  And I am pretty sure that I saw Billy the Exterminator use it once!

The Ketch-All Pole is available in both standard and extension models. The 4' standard size pole is most useful in a confined area for handling of small animals, used around kennels for use on cats and dogs.  The larger 5' poles are popular because of their additional length and larger nose.  The 4 to 6' extension pole when extended is used when additional length is needed and when retracted is is used as a heavy duty restraining pole.  The 7-12' extension pole when extended is used for rescuing animals from waterways, trees, storm drains etc. When retracted is is used as a longer heavy duty restraining pole.

Whatever your use or need the Ketch-All  Pole can work magic!

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