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All Things Identification!

Perry Swank | February 13, 2018

Ketchum Manufacturing has been in the identification business for over 100 years.  With that kind of history you know we will have the products you need.  We have a wide range of identification products to serve a large variety of industries and consumers.

I am sure in your daily life you have walked by or seen a product manufactured by Ketchum - you just didn't know it.  Here are just a few of the great identification products we sell in what we call our "general id" line.


Heavy Duty Nylon ID Tags

Our most versatile identification tag is our Nylon ID Tag.  Due to the bright colours this identification tag is highly visible and is heat resistant.  This strong and reliable identification tag is strong and reliable, so you can count on it for maximum performance.  Ideal for steam traps, inventory, equipment, hoses and industrial machines.

These identification tags can be engraved and/or screen printed on 1 or 2 sides.


Aluminum & Brass Identification Discs

Aluminum, brass and stainless tags are available in many different sizes and colours.  These discs are available blank or stamped with identifying name or number.  For added visibility we can also fill with black paint.  Ketchum also has the ability to custom manufacture identification tags to the exact measurement for your specific project.



Plastic Identification Tags

We manufacture identification tags out of PVC plastic.  This plastic identification tag is ideal for parking permits, equipment lockout tags, retail signage, golf bag tags and a wide range of custom promotional products.  There are endless possibilities when you screen print onto plastic!  If you are looking for something special there is a good chance we can do it...just ask!



Cable Ties & Security Seals

We offer a wide range of plastic and metal security seals and plastic cable ties to prevent tampering.  Ideal for hydro meters, utility companies and transportation companies.



Custom Manufacturing

At Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. we pride ourselves on being able to do whatever it takes to get our customers the identification product they need.  We have the capability and know how to do custom manufacturing. We offer a complete custom service in the design and production of blanking dies, CNC engraving, forming and the fabrication of distinct custom made metal and plastic identification tags to your exact specifications.

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