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Accordion Pricing Systems

Derek Gerritsen | February 1, 2018

For several years, Ketchum has been manufacturing custom Accordion Style pricing systems for a wide variety of clients that include food manufacturers, distributors, supermarket chains, independent grocery stores, specialty stores, butcher shops, bakeries and more.

Our specialty is the Accordion Style Price Tag System for deli counters, but we manufacture large custom versions that are used as hanging aisle signs, produce department signs, hot & ready counters and more. Ketchum Manufacturing has a marketing and graphics team in house that can work with you to design an Accordion System that best suits your company, brand, products and sales promotion.

Ketchum Manufacturing has digital and screen printing technology in house. Your custom Accordion Pricing System is manufactured in house from idea, design and production to packaging and logistics. We are celebrating the Accordion Style Pricing System as February’s Product of the Month! Please contact us today to get started.

Derek Gerritsen

US Territory Marketing/Sales Manager

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